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Motorsport Modification - Hot Motorcycle Ninja 125 Blue KRR

Ninja 150 KRR Modification - Hot MotorSport !! Great Custom Part on the muffler / Exhaust, great Stripping on the Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairing, yeah you can see that Kawasaki Monster Energy picture in there on the left front on the Fairing. I don't know what the tires used, but i thing this is not a Kawasaki Part standard edition, nice cast wheel with clean white color, yeah.. modification make look different with the original motorcycles part. This is awesome Kawasaki Ninja 150!!!

One thing that i understood with this sample Kawasaki Modification, you must look and keep clop with everything, design, performance, and of course your budget of money. If you have Kawasaki Ninja 150KRR, you can see and use this sample Ninja Modification, look more clean but very beautiful.

Yamaha Jupiter MX Motorcycle Modification

Modification Yamaha Jupiter MX / Spark Motorcycle - Some people in another country like Thailand and Indonesia, Yamaha 135cc always be the most popular motorcycles from Yamaha. yeah in Thailand Yamaha 135cc called "Yamaha Spark" and in Indonesia "Motor Jupiter MX". Now i found the "Modification Jupiter MX" on Indonesian blogger. this is called "modifikasi motor jupiter mx black". First thing that you ,ust to know that this is really same between Yamaha Spark 135 and Yamaha Jupiter MX, so if any of you have this motor bike, you can try to modifi yamaha 135 like this one.

The standard tires has been changed,Dunlop tires 70/90 – 17 F and 80/90 – 17 R changed with more wide tires FDR 90/80 – 17 XT F and 90/80 – 17 MP76 R, this is for more comfortable on the ridding. Hmm i remember like Kawasaki Ninja 250R that look more beautiful if the tires changed with the more wide tire ..
This is using underbone footstep, well look like real motor racing right?, for the color "black" it's only using striping modification, i thing this is the smart way to get the nice modification on Yamaha Spark or Yamaha Jupiter MX. Well, same as the tittle "Modifikasi motor JupiterMX" at the original source, this is can be using on Yamaha Spark 135 in the Thailand.

Ok this is the source full article to see more complete about "Modification Jupiter MX", If you have any idea to change or modification your Jupiter MX or Yamaha Spark, you can share with us to give another rider more information..

New Honda FURY Blue 2010 Motorcycles

Rear view of New Honda Fury 2010

2010 Honda FURY Blue Motorcycles Pictures, well hope you like it, the Honda Fury with Blue color photos and Picture. If you never know about "Honda Fury", you may also read my last post about 2010 Honda Fury Specification, and then Enjoy this 2010 Honda Fury Blue.

New Aprilia RSV4 Motorcycles Modification

Aprilia RSV4 Motorcycles - who never know about Aprilia RSV4? We know that RSV4 From Aprilia is one of the best Aprilia Motorcycles Line Up. Aprilia RSV4 Motorcycles have High Performance, great speed and acceleration, that 's enough reason and answer that why Aprilia can be the one of many moto racer who can go to international racing championship. this some Aprilia RSV4 Pictures.

Kawasaki Ninja Blue Design

Kawasaki Ninja Blue Series - Motorcycles Collection, Guys.. We know that Kawasaki Motorcycles Company have the Green Color for their Flagship, but you know that Color variant is very important to bring the motorcycles to the good market place. People haven't same favorite color, so the Motorcycles Manufacture must have more than one color for their Motorcycles Series.

The Ninja 250R Type is very popular for beginner rider, why? because kawasaki ninja 250R only have 250cc on engine capacity, this is fast enough for new rider, don't think about kawasaki ninja zx-6r or ninja zx10r right? Ok back to Blue Ninja 250R, i thing it's nore beautiful than green kawasaki ninja 250R, Kawasaki has made the right motorcycles color variant for Kawasaki Rider and lover.

Almost same with Blue Kawasaki Ninja 250R, The Ninja ZX12R have the Blue Color series. People usually like black or Red color, but Kawasaki is smart, Kawasaki make Motorcycles color more variant than Black and Red, yeah like White Kawasaki Ninja 250R or Blue Ninja 250R, it's beautiful right?

So. Motorcycles with blue color is good, sometimes, we need more than one color variant, yeah like Blue color, Blue Color is nice, more calm and cool, this is the right choice for blue motorcycles love.

Suzuki Thunder Black Silver Modification 2010

Suzuki Thunder Black Silver Modification 2010sport fighter suzuki thunder 2010 modification
Suzuki Thunder Black Silver Modification 2010trend modification suzuki thunder in 2010

Tribal Concept Suzuki Shogun 110 CC Modification

Tribal Concept Suzuki Shogun 110 CC Modification
Modification Suzuki Shogun 110 CC with white color and minimalist concept. full chrome and double discbreak with shock custom.

Yamaha YZ1 Limited Edition

Yamaha YZ1 Limited Edition

Yamaha YZI Limited Edition Taking addition alternative of R1, yamaha FZ1 will access the analysis of bound edition. The bound copy of ABS of Yamaha FZ1 Fazer is corrective with a agnate adjustment like R1 it, but with this time fabricated upwards in red and white. Without counting that the body, the bike will appear with a appropriate windshield, the curve of rim, and the cap of aback seat.

No chat on the price. But this seems affectionate of aged for an bound copy yamaha Fz1; the afterall, R1 it acquired the abeyance of hlins, the rims of Marchesini, and a advance rod-clutch. We cannot additionally advice but to anticipate Yamaha did not owe go far for the afflatus of design Yamaha YZ1 limited edition.

Best Yamaha Mio Sporty Modification

Best Yamaha Mio Sporty Modification

Minerva Modification 150 CC Honda CBR

Minerva Modification 150 CC Honda CBR

Minerva Modification 150 CC Honda CBR

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Collection

KTM 65SX Pictures


KTM 250SX-F Pictures



Toyota Motorcycle Concept Auto Show in 2010

YAMAHA YZF R1 Launched In India 2010

YAMAHA YZF R1 Launched In India 2010
Yamaha India launched its new Yamaha YZF R1 in India recently. This is the edition 2010 of the bicycle, which was launched in the year 2007, here in India. Price for new Yamaha YZF R1 is priced at Rs 12.5 lakh (Exausstellungsraum) price. The new bike has new technology and cosmetic changes. Yamaha YZF R1 is powered by 998cc engine and a cross plane crankshaft design. Before this launch, the company had launched Yamaha VMAX Rs 20 am lakh. They handled 20 applications received so far in the country. The superbike would be sold from 24 dealerships in 13 cities which include Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. The superbike, inspired by MotoGP is bluish white, available in metallic black and blue. Yamaha YZF R1 would be imported as completely built unit (CBU).
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